I did a live gig!

About a 6 weeks ago, I was messaged on a synth forum (muffwiggler.com) asking if I’d like to play live at a monthly event called “Synthestesia” in San Francisco. The guy (who organizes and plays at these events) said he had seen one of my YouTube videos, Umbriel and he thought it would work well at the event. The next event was just under two weeks away. To be honest, my initial thought was “no way!”  The idea made me quite anxious, and I started to write a response to the organizer explaining why I wouldn’t be able to accept. …

Some inspirations

I thought I’d share some videos of other modular-based artists who have inspired me over the two years since I started looking into Eurorack more seriously. Here is a sample:      

My Eurorack adventure, then and now

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve only had a modular synth since Nov 2015. Here is what I brought home that day:     I was in a prettty anxious state the day I brought this home. I originally went to the synth shop, Robotspeak, to buy a Moog Mother 32 which would have been $600. Dashing my hopes, the Mother 32s were sold out. But in my head, I had already broken down the wall of resistance to spending money and walking out with a modular synth. Even though I left the synth shop empty handed, my …

My musical effort in 15 years

This is the first thing I posted to SoundCloud, about a year ago, after my long hiatus from music making. I honestly haven’t listened to this in about a year now. It’s funny to go back and listen, it frankly sounds unfinished to me now, and the mix is pretty bad, but it is what I was able to do at the time and I enjoyed making it. Anyway, here it is: