A space ambient track “Umbriel”

This was a patch I put together shortly after getting the 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator module.

Here is the description I posted with the video

This space ambient patch is centered around the Spectral Multiband Resonator, using it to provide a curtain of lush chords, and to drive a few other oscillators. I use the unquantized output from Rene to play the SMR via the Rotate in. Meanwhile, Rene’s quantized out drives the Piston Honda MkII for the main melody. I saved this to a preset on Rene so I could choose the SMR chord that plays along with the PH note. R-flux from the Ultra Random Analog feeds the “Spread” input on the SMR allowing for some random flourishes now and then. The arpeggiated line is the Make Noise STO, with gated envelopes triggered by Grids into Double Andore MkII. Noise washes near the end are from the URA, filtered by Bastl Cinnamon with a Maths envelope.

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